July 23, 2008

seeing the up side of things

For the next few weeks, I am going to be doing a lot of traveling and reporting on the Fall trends I see from several corners of the United States. I do this every season - it is an exhausting but super fun few weeks!

This season's fashion -tour is a little different - because I can't be as fashionable as I want to be. I messed up my foot, and have to wear this stupid orthopedic boot thing. Admittedly, there are times I don't have it on - and then I pay for it...

I was really upset about this boot thing - thinking about how it was going to destroy the look of the super cute outfits I have planned for this trip. But then I realized...I only had to pack 1 shoe for each outfit (since I can only wear a shoe on one foot)...which means I can take twice as many shoes!


I also am realizing that wearing this boot is kind of like constant exercise. It's heavy, like wearing one of those ankle weights on your foot. So I am hoping that as I clunk around I am getting a good hip/thigh workout!

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