August 1, 2008

in California - packing mistakes

I'm in northern California on business. I've been here (San Francisco area) many times before - why I thought this time would be different, I don't know.

I checked the weather - looked like the day time temps were going to be in the 80-degree range. Well, it is FREEZING here! 50-60 in the mornings. Doesn't heat up until later in the day...but 80-85 in Northern California is not the same as 80-85 at home. There is no humidity here!

So, I packed for hot weather. I will admit that I have made a terrible error in judgement in my packing for this trip. Not so much for me (I brought some sweaters), but for my poor husband. He is going to freeze!

Note to self...ALWAYS look at the weather, and then look into 'dressing for this weather location'!

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