August 12, 2008

dressing in 3s

As I was getting dressed this morning - I was trying to figure out what was missing. I had on a skirt and a top. Cute outfit...but missing something - so I added a belt. *poof* looked MUCH better. Then I tried a short sleeve sweater/cape - *poof* (again) much better.

There is something to the idea of dressing in 3's. The next time you take a look in the mirror, and think to yourself "this is OK, how can I make it wow?" - try adding one of the following:
  • a belt
  • a sweater or jacket
  • layers of necklaces
  • a statement necklace (bold color - maybe one not found in your base outfit)
  • a scarf (a longer one is really chic and cool)
  • Maybe keep your outfit simple - add a big bold earring for thought

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