September 26, 2008

I Heart Fridays - Tracy Porter Gigi Vintage Turquoise Coat

I stopped in to one of the few boutiques in my neck of the woods. It is always nice to go into any one (OK, MOST) of the boutiques in my area, and be greeted by name. I am a sucker. I like that! I like being recognized. I like it when the sales person really cares about me, remembers that we're adopting a little girl from Russia, went to high school with my husband, knows what I do for a living, and remembers what my style is (regardless of what SHORE said it was). I like that.

Well, to my delight, the boutique I was at today was having a 50-75% off sale = happy me! I am desperately trying to watch every single penny I spend, so shopping for the sake of new stuff isn't part of the plan right now (thankfully I get most of my clothes from the designer I work to wear what you sell).

I ended up with $800 worth of clothes for around $200! I am so excited I could do flips!

Now on to my Friday Fav. I was looking through Tracy Porter this week, and saw this coat. It is a reasonable price (about $250), and is so cute - I had to share it with you!

Anything with a vintage feel I love. I love the idea of something that is a one of a kind - maybe something no one else has. I love the turquoise color. Get it HERE.

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Amy said...

That is great! I am a sucker for a good deal so I can appreciate that!! Way to score some fashionable clothes for less.

That jacket is so cute too! I love a bright jacket. My red jacket that I got last year from Forever 21 is one of my favorite things because I got so many compliments on it. I love bright colors like that!