September 23, 2008

Style Icons Named

Over the summer, I was contacted by Shore Magazine, and told that I was named one of the region's style icons. Of course, I am thrilled! The issue of the magazine just came in, and I got a sneak peek at the photo spread.
According to the mags website:
We may be called the Second City or the Third Coast, but when it comes to fashion, the people who live on the shores of Lake Michigan are first-rate. Shore listened to you, our readers, and heard the nominations for best dressed. For our second annual issue on fashion, we take a look at the individuals that are setting the stage, taking the catwalk and making waves with personal style.

Indulge me here for a moment of self-critical-commentary. Of course I think they chose the most boring shot...the photographer took photos of me in several different outfits...this was my least favorite, didn't show my shoes, and I think I look like a tank (especially given that I've lost about 20lbs since that photo was taken).
Another thing I thought was odd is the write up. Although it's smart, gives good tips and makes good fashion sense - I really don't think this is what I said. My style has never been anything close to masculine! So to clarify for all my fashionista pals out there, my style is on the Audrey Hepburn side of femininity. The touches of femininity are the way I dress (always pearls - of various colors, lengths, some with charms - some without), I love dressing like a girl.
But - again, I am honored. I am in great company of style icons in the Chicago-Shore area...even if the style I am sporting in the photo and write up isn't what I would call the 'real' me.
I think the photographer is going to be posting some of the other shots on her blog. When / if she does, I'll post/link those.


Amy said...

Oh, I think you look so cute! What an honor to be a "style icon." I doubt I would ever make a list like that! Great job!!! I bow to you, fashion queen bee!

Fran English said...

I'm so proud of you, can't wait to see the mag.


Hello from Canada! Congrats! I guess this is part of getting famous..getting used to being mis-quoted or mis-shot...looks lovely.