October 31, 2008

I Heart Fridays - fur coats

This time of year, I always start salivating for a fur coat. I have a faux one...and a real (fox) collared one (that is super cool, subtle silver leather - will have to post a pic of that one some day).

I've been looking on EBay for a Vintage find...thanks to my friend Vanessa, now I think I am an addict! In order to get an idea what I was really looking for, I also did some online shopping. I realized that I like this style (from http://www.madisonavemall.com/)

about $2295.00

about $895

Then I remembered back at the beginning of the season, when I spotted this adorable Juicy jacket in a magazine. I found it at Nieman's...ON SALE!!!

Juicy Couture Faux-Fur Coat Price: $398.00
(40% off at Nieman Marcus!!! - I know, SHUT UP!)

Although it is adorable, and faux - I am afraid that my hair is about the same color as the coat - at least I am sure I have a highight in there that is close. I think I would look better in a darker fur.

My final destination was Nordstrom - which is my 'go to' store. I found this jacket that I am in love with! Now, I need to go find it on sale somewhere!
Juicy Couture Belted Faux Fur Coat with Brooch $478


mare said...

If you have to have fur, please stick with faux.

RonGav said...


If you buy a fur, please make it real! It's softer, warmer, sexier and more environmentally friendly (in spite of comments to the contrary).

And should you buy a fox coat - be sure the pelts on the back are not too narrow. That's a sign of an inferior coat.. but you knew that anyway.

Good luck, you'll look beautiful.