October 25, 2008

I Heart Fridays - Stuart Weitzman Crystal handbag

I saw this in one of my magazines this month, and instantly fell in love. The advertisement has a website to go to for more info - but this handbag isn't there. I then went to the Stuart Weitzman website - it wasn't there.

Although I love this handbag, and would like more details, I am completely irritated that no info is available on it. I am seeing this more and more in magazines. They taunt us with these great coats, shoes and handbags...things that we can't get! So what is the point of an ad? (I searched for this a few weeks ago, it is possible it has magically appeared since then, if it has - let me know!)

All of that aside, it appears that this handbag has some silver details, and would be a perfect evening bag. Knowing that it is a creation of #Stuart Weitzman and Swarovski...I can only imagine the price tag!

If anyone finds this online - let me know!

1 comment:

Niki said...

That bag is gorgeous!

I found you through Blissfully Domestic and saw that you did a segment on WSBT22! I'm from the same area and am a fellow blogger (also with a fashion blog, albeit a newer venture for me!)

I will tune in to your future posts!