October 23, 2008

Shoe Review - Beverly Feldman Lady II

Yes, shoes make me happy. The crazier, the better! The reason I think shoes are so important is because I wear a lot of monochromatic outfits...the pop (the wow) comes in my shoes. This is the KEY to my personal style.

I have decided to review these shoes, in the event you might love them too!

AVAILABLE FROM: I got them from Verandah, they are also available online.

LOOK: These shoes are so cute, and will definatley turn some heads!! I will admit they are a bit style-specific (and by style-specific, I mean MY SPECIFIC STYLE!). These shoes would be great for someone who liked the girlie ruffles and lace trend, but didn't want too much of it, or was scared to try those kinds of details near the face. Wear these with a great black ankle pant, a skirt, jeans, black sassy dress - everything!

COMFORT: Admittedly, after an hour or so on my feet, I was done. But, my feet didn't feel broken, just tired. They do have some padding.

SIZE: True to size, fits big in the heel. I had to add a little somethin' extra in the heel (note: I have very thin heels. Nothing else on me is thin...but I've got skinny heels!)

PRICE: About $180 - call Verandah before you buy, they may be having a sale!

Here is my newest pair:


Amy said...

Oh, be still my heart! Those are beautiful and I would totally wear those. I love patterned shoes, but am scared of patterns in my clothing. I will try just about anything with shoes though.

Speaking of shoes, we must do coffee so I can give you back your generous shoe collection you shared. It pains me to return them :) You rock!

Debbie said...

Oh those are too cute!