November 7, 2008

I Heart Fridays - cute cheap jackets

Hello, My name is Kathy and I am a jacket addict. Scary that I am addicted to jackets and shoes...maybe I should just embrace who I am, and admit I am addicted to all things fashion!

For this week's Heart Friday pick - I have found some super cute affordable jackets.

This first jacket is from #Mango. It is only $89! Love the color of this trench, and the length. Super cute! Sized XS - Lg.

The next find is from #Old Navy. I will admit that I frequently see things in magazines that I think are so cute from ON...but then when I go to the store, I am disappointed. Either the quality is crap (yes, I still want something to be a decent hand even if I'm not paying a million dollars for it), or I can't find it at the store. FRUSTRATING! This jacket is on sale for $39.75! Seriously, I am NOT kidding! It is a wool blend coat. I found it in the closet of one of my clients - and fell in love. Nice hand (i.e. the fabric feels nice)m adorable style, and the price - are you kidding?

This is also from #Old Navy - I love the idea of a red coat for winter. It adds some life into those dreary days when we seem to grab all things black and grey. This one is on sale for $69.50! SHUT UP! It is a wool blend, and I love the collar.

Finally, this cute little number by #Bitten. I can see this with jeans, a skirt - really - anything! And (again) I can't get over the price! The website said $8.98 (yes, that is eight dollars...), I have to believe that is a typo.


Renee Crabtree said...

Where should a wool coat fall for a 5'2" gal?

Sherry said...

yes, that was a typo. I went to Steve & Barry's yesterday to see this "cute jacket" myself, and the price was WAY more than $8.95. It was actually $29.95 (the shirts were $8.95) But I also found out that several of the Steve & Barry's around the country are going out of business and having crazy sales, so maybe somewhere it was that cheap, but not here - our store is not closing. But even with the higher price tag I tried it on and it wasn't a good style for me. It just didn't pull me in enough in the waist and with the pleating on the "skirt-part" of it, it kinda made me look big - and I am not big. I wear a small in shirts and a 4-6 in pants. But my midsection isn't THAT much smaller than my hips, so maybe that style isn't as good for someone of my shape. Maybe someone with more of an hourglass figure would look better in it. But thanks for the cute winter coat tips. I just found your blog the other day and am going to add it to my favorites, so I'll check back again soon for more fashion tips.