November 12, 2008

One Jacket - 5 Ways

One Jacket - 5 Ways - read about a simple way to expand your wardrobe,

In today’s economy, it is wise to shop from our own closets, rather than to head to the mall. Sometimes we see our closet choices through a very narrow filter. It is hard for us to picture separates; we see outfits.

I want to give you a very simple visual on a way to see one suit jacket worn 5 ways.

AS IS: First, the jacket can be worn with the pants they go with.

WITH THE FORGOTTEN TOP: Next, you can pair that jacket with a pair of jeans, and bring in a colored top. We all have one of these great shirts; the one we got to go with those shorts or that skirt…and we only wear it as an outfit. Break it up – put it under this jacket! Wendy Katlen blazer, Jeans by Pure Color blue shirt, and Necklace by One of a Kind by Ali OeschRead the rest of the story HERE.
SHOPPING NOTE: All outfits and jewlery from Flourish Boutique

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