November 30, 2008

the non domestic t-giving

If you follow Blissfully Domestic - you probably read a story I wrote about not being domestic - and how I fake it.

Thanksgiving was at my house this year...and I cooked. I think the food was good, at least what I ate was tasty! I was scared about something burning and everything getting done on time. The entire menu came from a can, or a box, or was frozen in plastic. Except the potatoes...I boiled them and mashed them all by myself!

I decided to create a beautiful table to distract my mom and MIL. Just in pan was, if the food sucked, they would say "Thanksgiving at Kathy's? Well, the table was just beautiful!".
So - here is the table before I set it:

A few notes about the things on the table. It is a smart mix of things from Target and family heirlooms. The green tablecloth - Target. The smaller white lace top-cloth...antique family heirloom. The white pates? Fine Haviland china from my great grandmother...the green 'chargers', dinner plates from Target.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I love your table- it looks wonderful!

PS- I am still waiting on what the yarn is for :) Tell me, tell me! ;)