January 20, 2009

Perfect for Cold Weather Fashion

Recently, I was in Russia. Siberia to be exact. Yes - Siberia is cold!

Before I left, I wantd to find a simple winter black dress to wear with leggings and boots. Something that wouldn't wrinkle - but something that would be warm. I knew it was a tall order.

Then I found this:

This is the Snow Hut dress from Athleta. Even tho I am not an athletic type - I like the Athleta catalog...lots of things those who aren't so sporty might like.

This dress is SO warm. It is made of a soft Tech Stretch fabric that is lined with a fuzzy, sweatshirt material.

Available HERE - $118, in brown and black.


Cabi For Less said...

You might save a few dollars on Athleta Clothing here.

Kathy Friend said...

Thanks, Cabi For Less...unfortunatley when I got this dress, it was in the peak of the cold weather season - so wasn't on sale anywhere! But thanks for the tip.