January 23, 2009

LIVE from Fashion Week!

Hello All - and greetings from my whirlwind immersion into Spring Fashion 09!

I will admit, working in the fashion industry has it's unique set of pressure. Especially when I come to these fashion shows / training meetings with ladies who all work in the industry. Ugh! This season, I took a lot of time planning my outfits. Trying to be unique, not look like everyone else (since we all work for the same designer, it is scary to see how many 'unique one of a kind statement' pieces I see walking around!).

Dressing myself is hard...so I asked a friend for some help. To offer her some kudos, and answer your questions about what I wear on a daily basis...I am going to be blogging about my daily fashion - along with the trends and must-haves for Spring 09.

Last night was my first meeting. We gathered for a quick get-together dinner...we talked about what was a flop last season, what we hope clients will latch on to this season - typical table top girl talk. This is a pretty casual night that generally ends with a bunch of us bonding over a glass of wine.

This is what I wore:
Private label black long turtleneck sweater, David Kahn jeans, Pearls by Ali Oesch, handbag - vintage, shoes by Beverly Feldman.

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