February 8, 2009

Questions and Answers - what to wear with this skirt?

Hi there,

I bought a really beautiful skirt over a year ago now and I have never worn it - reason? I honestly have no idea whatsoever what to wear it with! I know this might sound pathetic, but I have looked at so many tops of different colours/styles and come up with absolutely nothing. I bought the skirt as my absolute treat for losing weight (I had gained over 4 stones), and now that I have lost the weight, I am desperate to wear the skirt having spent over a year working incredibly hard to get fit and healthy and a lot slimmer.Here is the skirt:
http://www.coggles.com/store/item/paul smith/13979

I am a UK size 12 on the bottom half, and a UK size 14 on the top half (I am very busty, bra size 30 J!)

My measurements are 40 / 30 / 37. I am 5'2" tall so quite petite. I am also ethnically Indian so have medium brown coloured skin - I only say that because various colours such as yellow just don't suit me!! The skirt reaches just below my knees when I put it on.

Please, please help me figure out what on earth to wear this skirt with - top/shoes/jacket... anything!

Warmest regards.
Anonymous Skirt Challenged

Hello Skirt Challenged!

First, cute skirt! I see why you continue to search for a top to match with it. I would like to suggest you have the skirt shortened...I would like to see the length not be lower than the 'knee-pit' (the bend of your leg). Because you are petite, and this is such a bold print, don't let it overwhelm you...keep it shorter.

You have a TON of options. Let's take a look at the skirt:

Without knowing what your personal style is, it is a little hard for me to zoom in on the perfect option for you - so I am going to offer some broad-sweeping ideas for you to ponder:

OPTION 1: The easiest option would be to go casual with a tee -but not a "normal" t-shirt, maybe something with some feminine details. Linq is a great t-shirt brand. Of course, you could pair the skirt with the obvious (navy or red). This is from Linq, and I found it at Green Apple. It also comes in navy. There is also a more feminine option on this tee - with a higher rounded neckline, with a bow detail.

Break up the "matchy matchy" with a brown belt.

As for shoes with this option, I would go with a wooden heeled sandal, or even a neutral ballet style flat.

OPTION 2: I like this option (also from Linq) - it takes an unexpected twist with the stripe against the flag print of the skirt - but it works. This is a daring combination - but would be cute! Finish the looks with strands of gold chains, maybe some with a bulky key or something at the end.

A shoe with this could be as easy as a flip flop or espadrille in a neutral tone.

OPTION 3: Don't think you can't do a print with a print.

Another spring-time option would be this cute shirt from Anthropologie. Finish this with a little cami underneath (maybe one with a little lace), and a brown belt - or with this cardigan (also from Anthropologie).

Shoes - this look screams for something from Chie Mihara. This is from Piperlime.

OPTION 4: I know you said that you can't wear yellow...and I have to bed to differ! You can wear yellow - just maybe not right up next to your face. Even if you choose a yellow tee - finish it with a white gauzy scarf around your neck. Here is a yellow fun option:

This cute little number if by Madras 641. Again, this is a little daring, but a look that will let you make a statement. Finish this with a belt (low slung) to being in your waist.

You can finish this look off with this fun sandal by Gabriella Rocha, from Zappos

I hope this helps! Good luck!


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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you SO much for your suggestions! I love the various suggestions you made - and was taken aback by how beautiful the yellow top and shoes looked against the skirt... I honestly had never even considered wearing yellow with it(!)

I am going to take myself off shopping to get that really nice red top and I have to say that I LOVE the navy flat shoes... perhaps I could treat myself to those too!

Once again - a genuine *thank you* for all those suggestions - very inspiring and I'm very grateful!

Warmest regards,
"skirt challenged" (!)