February 24, 2009

wardrobe problem: boots too big, don't keep feet warm

Continuing with my series on Wardrobe Cheaters, I bring you…Ugg insoles.

So you have a great pair of boots. But, over the years, the leather has stretched to the point where you have to wear double (or triple) socks so they don’t fall off your feet. Or, when you do wear socks, the boot somehow inches your sock completely off of your foot…leaving a sock ball somewhere in your boot. Ugg insoles are the answer!

I have also found that Ugg insoles are also a great solution to tights and boots, adding a little extra comfort to the sole of a boot, and adding some warmth (insulation) to the sole of a boot. I have Ugg insoles in all of my boots!

You can get them for just $15 from http://www.uggaustralia.com/ (go to the "care products" section). You'll be glad you did!

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