February 21, 2009

wardrobe problem: pants get stuck in shoes

In this day of making every dollar count, what can we do to extend our wardrobes?

There are several products I've found to make things in your closet more wearable. These little products are called 'wardrobe cheaters'. I've reviewed several products I would like to share with you - these things I actually use - if you came to my house, you would find them in my closet!

An example: Have you ever been wearing a great pair of sling backs, and had your pants continually get stuck inside your shoe? It's called a shoe-wedgie. Most of us would resign to just wearing those shoes with skirts, and skip the pants.

THERE IS A SOLUTION! It's called Kix.

This smart gizmo simply adheres to the inside of your pant leg, and magically keeps your pants from getting caught up in your shoes. It's a great wardrobe cheater! Get yours at http://www.kixbykatie.com/


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Slimgbackers said...

Hi. Just an update..,lthere is another product on the marketplace that solves the dreaded heel wedge, simply and easily. slingbackers, The Heel Wedge Solution. These are sleek silicone bands that wrap around the heel and the strap of your slingback shoes at create a barrier to prevent the heel wedge from happening.
Check out www.slingbackers.com for more info. These are the solution to the heel wedge problem!