February 18, 2009

wardrobe problem: waist too big in pants

Continuing with my series on Wardrobe Cheaters, I bring you….IsABelt!

So, I’ve recently lost some weight. Yay me, right? Well – not so fast. With the weight loss comes a dilemma with my jeans and pants. I have quite an investment into my wardrobe, and I don’t want to replace everything I own. Likewise, if you’ve ever lost weight, you know that there is a plateau you will get to…eventually…and you would be wise not to have anything altered until you hit that plateau.

Let me introduce you to “IsABelt” – this is my FAVORITE wardrobe cheater.

I’ve used this little gizmo for so many things, and I keep coming up with new ways to use it. For pants that are too big around the waist – use the “IsABelt” to cinch in the waist, it doesn’t add bulk and it is clear (so it matches everything!). It is even perfect for that little gap we all get at the back of our pants.

For traveling – don’t want to lug around belts to go with every rise of pant you want to bring? Solution – ‘IsABelt’. Skirts – want to wear one a little shorter for an event? Solution: ‘IsABelt’, just fold the skirt over the IsABelt (at the waist) to the desired length! Pregnant, and not quite to maternity pants, but your regular jeans are too tight? ‘IsABelt!” will give you a little more at the waist (hey, it’s a better idea than a rubber band!).

Find IsABelt at http://www.isabelt.com/. You'll be so glad you did!


Mom said...

I bought one of these plastic belts. Just great until you sit down! Then it rides up and the thin, sharp plastic edge bites you in the stomach!

Mom said...

I bought one of these belts. Works great until I sit down and then the thin, sharp edge of the plastic belt bites me in the stomach! How does one prevent that?