April 8, 2009

Buy a Necklace - Bring Anya Home

In 2004, Marty and Kathy Friend dedicated their lives and hearts to adopt a 2 year old girl, Anya, from Irkutsk, Russia. During the summer of 2005, the Friends were preparing their home and family for the addition of a toddler, when they got a call with the news that a woman from Virginia had killed her Russian-adopted daughter. This caused shock waves throughout the international adoption community - and stopped adoptions to American families in Irkutsk.

After nearly 5 years, 5 trips to Russia, unceasing prayer and tens of thousands of dollars, the Friends see an end in sight. The Judge in Irkutsk, Russia has accepted the Friend’s case, and it is currently pending before the court in Russia. Marty and Kathy are hopeful they will receive a court date in June of this year. It is a very real possibility that Anya will be a part of her forever family by her 7th birthday - the end of June, 2009.

Because of new requirements to obtain a passport (for Anya), and “waiting periods” imposed by the Russian court system, the Friends need to plan for an 8 week stay in Russia. The financial reality is overwhelming. Your generous donation through the purchase of a piece of jewelry or other items on this website is truly appreciated. Please check back for updates and fund-raising totals!To Read more about this story, click HERE

In an effort to Bring Anya Home, wickedly talented jewelery designer, Ali Oesch, has designed a necklace to help fund bringing Anya home.
This is a beautiful necklace made of sterling silver. It is 18" long. The clasp is a typical lobster claw clasp.
The Pearl in this piece represents Truth, a pearl is the stone of Truth. Throughout this ordeal, Marty and Kathy have continued to believe in the TRUTH - which is that Anya was not put on this earth to be left an orphan. The TRUTH is that God loves her too much to leave her without a family.
The little silver bead represents the Strength of platinum. Marty and Kathy's strong resolve to bring Anya home, and unceasing strong Faith knowing that this fight is not only worth it - but is in fact God's plan. The Friend family continues to press on to the end of the story - knowing there is a God-ordained 'end of the story' is what gives them the strength to keep fighting.
The teardrop in the center represents the many tears shed over making Anya wait to come home. The tears are not only for sadness, but also in the Joy of the many lives touched by Anya's story. Tears are also for all the children STUCK in the bureaucracy of international politics and held by an evil mindset - not allowed into a family that will love them.
Finally, the links in the chain represent all the prayers and love that have been protecting Anya since 2004. Marty, Kathy and Anya have been surrounded in prayer...prayers from YOU! It is amazing the stories and connections that have come from the prayer warriors all over the world. Just as amazing is the health, well being and attitude of this little girl in an orphanage in Russia!
The price of this necklace is only $38 (plus $5 for shipping). The necklace would made a great addition to your Easter outfit, or as a Mother's Day gift. Please consider helping and purchasing a necklace. To purchase a necklace, click HERE.
I would also like to encourage you to post a link on your blog about the sale of this necklace. It is my goal to raise the funds needed to bring Anya home, but also to raise awareness of the overwhelming problem of the orphan population in Russia. Those children need people like us praying and rooting for them.

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