October 7, 2009

options to jackets - Q&A

Hello Kathy! I have a question. I have always loved being fashionable
but now in my 50's I'm frustrated when going shopping. I carry my weight more in
the spare tire area, just below my waiste. If I could wear a tailored jacket or
blazer everywhere, then I would, but get too hot often. What would you suggest
for a business/casual type outfit I could wear?

Lee Ann

Thanks for the question, Lee Ann!

The good news is that styles this season are a bit longer, which will do a great job of camouflaging the area you don't want to bring attention to.

Some options might be a sweater - one that is styled like a jacket would be perfect. Or even one that has more feminine details, with a tie at the small of your waist. I can bet that you have a tiny waist - so let's bring attention that, while gently distracting attention away from that area you aren't so happy with.

Of course, I haven't seen you - but many times ladies with your body shape benefit from wearing belts. A little higher in the back, slung lower in the front...even with the belt on "the area". I know, it sounds crazy, but many ladies have found this to be a very flattering look.

Longer, tunic length style tees might be a good option for you for weekend wear. Depending on your height...find one with the detail toward the neckline - and wear the tunic with a matching pant. This will keep people's attention at your face and neckline. Flourish Boutique has some great styles to check out.

Another idea is to simply dress in a monochromatic way, with all the attention at your neckline. Do this with great jewelry and makeup. I assume you are in the Michiana area, so I suggest checking out Ali Oesch for jewelry. She is amazing, and has even more amazing prices on her jewelry. Makeup - subtle pops of color will keep people's attention on your face, to your eyes. Try Camellia The Makeup Store in Heritage Square. Call and make an appointment with Rebecca...she is so talented!

I hope this helps! If you need more specific help, I would love to meet with you one-on-one to give you more detailed help!

In fashion and friendship,


Shari Braendel said...

Hi girlfriend, I met someone this weekend who goes to your church! They asked me if I knew you so I got to say YES! Hope all is well...love your website..you're keeping busy with your clients and news stuff, I see...and we have something else in common...COLLEGE fOOTBALL!!!!! love ya!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, it's so great to see someone advising women in their 50s. It's difficult to find clothes for our age. We aren't "old" anymore and don't want to look it. However, we aren't "young", either and don't want to look silly.

I wish more magazines would deal with this issue. I know, I know -- youth sells.

I noticed yesterday when I getting a haircut. Trying to determine what style would look good on me was difficult when all I saw were cute young women wearing the styles.

Thanks again for addressing our age group.

Love ya,
from Valdosta