November 29, 2009

Why I don't Black Friday shop

Yes - you read that right - I don't shop on Black Friday. Me - the professional shopper - stays home, doesn't get up early, no standing in long lines, I don't even spend any loot online.


I've learned that I don't like big crowds - especially those that are pushing and shoving their way to a good deal. Black Friday encompasses everything that makes me crazy about the ruins my joy and puts me in a bad I choose not to participate.

Why is it that bargain hunters seem to be so rude in their quest for the deal? Now, this isn't to say that ALL black Friday shoppers are rude - but I am sure if you've shopped on this famous day, you've experienced the pushing and shoving that comes with saving a few bucks. Heck, there are news stories about people that are trampled to death...just to save a few dollars on the day after Thanksgiving.

I think it's ironic, that as people who place so much worth on the message of Thanksgiving, are quick to forget it all once the dishes are done from the big feast.

Thanks. Thanks for the deal. Thanks for those who are forced to work retail during this crazy time of the year and put up with more rudeness than they are getting paid to deal with. Thanks for the local shop owners who need to cut their prices (sometimes losing all of their profits) to compete. Thanks for simply having money to spend during this season of Peace and Joy.

I have to ask...where is the love?

Maybe someday I will stay up all night to shop, but for now...I am choosing to stay inside.

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Anonymous said...

Oh,Kathy, I agree with you completely. There was nothing I wanted or needed that required all of that craziness so early in the morning. I, too, dislike crowds. I avoid them at all costs.

I did venture out around 10:30am on Black Friday. Everywhere I went I found a parking space easily. The crowds were waning and the shopping was pleasant. Managed to purchase about 90% of the Christmas gifts needed in a few short hours. Polite and helpful sales people were a pleasant surprise. Customers were actually pleasant, too. No pushing, shoving, or hair snatching. All of that had passed.

Maybe the shock of the person being trampled to death last year had an impact on people. Maybe they learned that no deal is worth losing your life.

May all your shopping days be filled with pleasant experiences and great bargains.

Love ya,
Valerie - The South Georgia Gal