April 25, 2010


(even though there are only 7…I’m a Mom now, remember? I don’t have time for 10!)

It’s official. I am a Mom. I have officially been a Mom since the middle of February when the Judge in Irkutsk, Russia granted the adoption of our little girl. Many have offered advice and predictions. Everything from parenting tips to the best way to manage my time. Some of the predictions have been:

• Once you become a Mom, you won’t wear high heels anymore
• Once you become a Mom, you won’t have time for makeup
• Once you become a Mom, you will lose all sense of fashion and style

I think these predictions are pretty hilarious. Since I’ve become a Mom, I can assure you I have worn high heels, I continue to wear makeup, and I am quite sure the fashion part of my brain didn’t die over the past few months.

But that isn’t to say I haven’t made more of a conscious effort with my style. I will admit, being a Mom is a lot harder than I thought! Gone are the mornings when I sat quietly at my desk sipping tea. My “getting ready” time in the mornings isn’t as quiet and stress free as it once was. Here are some things I’ve taken as my 10 COMMANDMENTS of MOMS FASHION (even though there are only 7…I’m a Mom now, remember? I don’t have time for 10!).

1. Thou Shall Concentrate on a Key Feature. Simply put, find that one thing that is YOU, and do it, all the time – everywhere. Maybe it is a stunning necklace, like a strand of pearls. Or red lipstick. Or it quite possibly could be something about your figure you love; maybe your waist (always wear belts to show it off), or your legs (skirts, all the time!). Whatever your key feature is, THAT is what people will remember about you.

2. Thou Shall Avoid Pattern. Pretty simple. It is easier to pull together outfits in solid colors than it is to throw in a pattern. Monochromatic dressing (all one color / tone) is also slimming.

3. Thou Shall Keep it Simple! Don’t over think your outfits. Pick a simple color palate, and stick to it; only wear those pieces in your closet you know look good on you. Let’s face it, we’re Moms! We don’t have time to try on 3 or 4 different outfits in the morning to find something that fits, is clean and ironed, and looks decent!

4. Thou Shall Not Fall into the Size Trap! One of the biggest mistakes I have seen Moms make is wearing everything to big. More fabric will translate (visually) into weight you don’t have! Who wants to look heavier than we (might) already feel? Make sure what you wear fits! Not sure what size you are? Ask a girlfriend to watch your precious ones. Go shopping alone, ask for help.

5. Thou Shall Covet Oversize Accessories. A running theme with all new Moms seems to be a weight issue. It doesn’t matter if you came to motherhood via the old fashioned method, by adoption, foster parenting or something else. That darn weight just appears! One secret Hollywood Moms have is the oversized accessory trick. Big bags, big necklaces, big sunglasses. Not only does this piece become the focal point of your look (and distract from those other parts of your look), but you will look smaller in comparison. I promise this is true – have I ever steered you wrong?

6. Thou Shall Commit to Undergarments! Another mistake I have seen Moms make is with regard to undergarments. Many new Moms go back to the same bra size they were wearing pre-pregnancy. Um, NO! This is the OPTIMAL time for you to get in for a good bra fitting. A properly fit bra will make you look like you’ve instantly lost weight. And while we’re talking about visually removing pounds, Spanx it up ladies! I have also had a few friends try Yummy Tummy tank top and love them (Google it!).

7. Thou Shall Invest in Staples. New Moms will forget about spending time and money on themselves. It happens; it’s some kind of maternal instinct that is one of those little hidden treasures. We all know you are at your best as a Mom, when you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about you means investing in YOURSELF! The staples of your regimen are things you should not feel guilty about spending some of your budget on. Things like skin care, maybe jeans (since you wear jeans every day – shouldn’t that be the highest quality piece of clothing in your closet?), or a good handbag that you will carry for years.

(from Michiana Family Magazine, April 2010 / photo from google images)

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