July 23, 2010

Keys to building a great vacation wardrobe

• Pick a palate: decide on 3 colors (for example - brown, red and white) – theoretically, all of these pieces will work together.
• Pick 2 bottoms: in the winter time, you would simply replace the shorts for jeans or slacks.
• Shirts: be sure you choose different shirts that can do double-duty. Sleeves, sleeveless, sweater…all different but can also work together.
• Shoes: this is where I get hooked up – I always want to bring more shoes with me than I should. Limit yourself! 2 pairs, and you should be able to walk comfortably in both. If you find that you need (want) another pair of shoes on vacation, then splurge! Buy a new pair!
• Accessories: one area where you can add in more is with accessories. Add another belt, maybe more jewelry pieces!

• Bring a sarong. You can use this as a belt, scarf, to cover up your shoulders, as a bathing suit cover up and as a top/blouse!
• Don’t forget the Shout Wipes and Wrinkle Release! A Tide stick or Shout wipe will save your vacation wardrobe! Wrinkle release isn’t just for wrinkles - it can also freshen up a piece of clothing.
• Be sure everything you bring is comfortable, and something you feel great in! A vacation isn’t the time to test out a new style; if you decide it isn’t something you are comfortable in – you will be stuck with that piece/style your entire vacation.
• Avoid new shoes. It seems that no matter how great new shoes are, there is always a period of breaking them in, and getting your feet used to them. Nothing can wreck a vacation than blisters and achy feet!

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