July 22, 2010

Packing for a week long vacation...with 7 pieces of clothing?

(from the July edition of Michiana Family Magazine)

7 pieces of clothing, at least 11 outfits!

I have hot buttons. One of my hot-buttons is paying the fees (fines, extortion – whatever you want to call it) imposed by airlines for baggage. It. Makes. Me. Furious! It is beyond me how being 1lb over can cost the same as 35lbs over. Seriously?

I am obsessed. I don’t like that angry feeling I get when I am told my husband’s bag is 5lbs under the limit, and I am 1lb over – and then am asked to pay $50 to get my 1lb on the flight. To avoid this frustration, I have resorted to traveling with a scale. I sacrifice space in my bags for a scale. I even make sure to have my bags 2lbs under weight, because not all airline scales weigh the same (yes, I know from experience!).Another means-to-an-end I have implemented into my airline travel regime, is my dedication to packing smart. Gone are the days when I would take 12-15 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip; or 2 different jeans just in case I gain a bunch of weight and my skinny pair aren’t comfortable. I actually made it on an 8 week trip with just 2 jeans, 1 skirt, 3 sweaters and 7 t-shirts! It can be done!

What would you say if I told you that you can pack 7 pieces of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and a few other accessories and come out with over 11 different outfits? Very possible, very easy, and very doable! Check this out!Start with the basics:1. Pair of shorts
2. Convertible skirt (one that can be worn as a skirt or a dress)
3. Sweater
4. Tank
5. Tunic
6. Dressy top
7. Bathing suit

Then add in some shoes:
1. Flip flop or a flat that is comfortable for long days of walking
2. A wedge or something a little dressier

Finally, a few accessories:
1. A tote (shopper) style bag
2. A clutch
3. Some sunglasses
4. A belt
5. Cool necklace
6. Some stacked bangle bracelets

Still don’t think it is possible? Keep reading…
On day 1 – you will be traveling; wear something comfortable on the flight, something that you can layer if you get too warm or too cold. Be sure to wear shoes that you can easily take on and off while going through airport security.

First day of vacation – grab those shorts, bathing suit, a great top and some sunscreen and head to the beach! Since it is your first day at the beach, be sure to wear something that you would be comfortable shopping or sightseeing in. You don’t want to have to go back to your hotel to change clothes mid-day in case your sun time is limited.

Show off that healthy glow you got at the beach, and throw on a caftan/tunic style white blouse over your shorts. Cinch in your waist with a belt and you are ready for Happy Hour!

Grab that tote and head out! Of course, you need to look cute while sightseeing, and who knows what the weather will be like – so layer up!

And why not end your 3rd day of rest on the beach at a sunset dinner?

Every vacation should include at least one day of shopping! Not only are you helping the local economy, but you will need to pick up some souvenirs for your family and friends at home! Remember, shops have air conditioning!

Dinner on the town, why not? You have the perfect outfit for that! Just remember that resort and vacation towns tend to be casual, so dressing up a typical casual look is perfect!

I am a big believer in working in an entire day of spa treatments for a vacation. The point of the vaca is to relax and revitalize, right? So be sure to treat yourself! You may feel like jello after your day at the spa, so order in for dinner!

If you are like me, the day before you are heading home from a vacation you suddenly feel like you don’t look like you’ve been on vacation…so you head to the beach; and then once you get to the beach, you remember you need to pick up a few souvenirs. Dress for anything on your last vacation day.

It’s your last day of vacation, don’t spend it packing! Spend it at a fab local bistro or grille!


Lisa said...

Good grief, when the time comes, can you pack my suitcase for Russia? I am already stressing about what to take for such a long trip!

Irenelim said...

Haha, thanks for the packing tips. Now I know how to pack light on a long vacation! :)

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