November 13, 2010

A contest

It's A Contest!
Win a great new book ...and a gift basket full of goodies!

Early 2011, a new book will hit the shelves.  Yes friends, it's true - I am working on a book.
The book will be your ultimate guide to a complete wardrobe and style overhaul.  It will include "how-to's" on a wardrobe audit, finding your style, what clothes look best on you, how to accessorize, a shoe guide, getting the best out of Thrift Store finds,  and being stylish on a McDonald's budget when you have Barney's taste.

Here is where the contest comes in...I am stuck on a name for the book, and need your help!

Submit your name idea here.  The winner will get one of the first copies of the book, AND a gift bag full of amazing goodies.

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