November 1, 2010

Fashion Questions - what to wear


Hi Kathy,
I recently lost some weight, and am in need of new clothes. I want to look attractive and show the weight loss, but don't want to bring any undue attention to myself. I like to dress in layers (I seem to be cold, then hot), but the layers I have tried just make me look, well, fat. I am most comfortable dressing modestly, the trends seem to be so skin-baring, and I am just not comfortable dressing like that. Stressed Out Mama in Indiana


Hello SOMiI!

First, let's talk about the weight loss. GOOD FOR YOU! Dropping a size (or 2 or 3) is hard work! Take an honest look at your shape. What about you do you love and want to show off? If it is your new teeny tiny waist, then let's look for things that have a defined waist (i.e. princess cut things). Also, be sure you are buying the right size. If you are used to being a little heavy, then wearing the right size may feel a little odd at might even say "feels tight". Push through this! I promise you will get used to the new feeling of clothes that fit correctly.

Next, layers. I posted something about that HERE a week or so ago. Check that out. Be sure that the layers are thin (in material weight). Look for things that say "tissue weight". Proportion is also really important. If you are concerned about not adding bulk, then steer clear of chunky sweaters.

Finally, a word on dressing modestly. I assume you are over 30 (since you said you are a Mom)..I could be wrong...just my assumption. Well, let me tell you this - the notion of showing skin is one of my hot button issues. There isn't time here for me to go on and on about this like I would like to :), but I will tell you that you will never see me with anything low cut, backless, spaghetti strapped or micro-minni-ish. I've always been this way.

My guidelines for modesty are pretty simple:

1: the 3 finger rule. Nothing lower cut than 3 fingers above cleavage (or if I look down and can see cleavage, that is too low). Likewise, skirts should be at least 3 fingers longer than the tip of my fingers (or no shorter than 3 fingers above my the knee cap). Sounds pretty old school, huh? Just something that got in my head at an early age, and stuck there...and I am WELL over 30!

2. You can do A LOT to bring style to your tailored clothing with jewelry and shoes. If you take the same basic pant and cardigan, you can change the look dramatically by just shifting the jewelry and shoes. Try it!

Finally, I would like to encourage you to invest in some basics. Get the best that your budget can afford. Below is a little outfit I pulled together to show you how you can dress modestly, show off your new figure, and still be stylish.

Thank you for asking this question!


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