December 8, 2010

Holiday Wardrobe Consultation for only $1

Are you wondering what to wear this holiday season?  Wondering where to buy them, how to wear them?  But, you have no time to call me and make an appointment for a seasonal consultation, and really don't want to pay for a consultation this time of the year?


This quick e-Book / Workshop will walk you through the best of the best for this holiday season. 

For only $1 you will get an audio workshop where I tell you all of the best things you need in your closet this holiday season. 

And, as a bonus (because I love you!) I am also including a written Ebook with links to the places I mention shopping in the audio recording.  After your $1 payment, you will receive an email with the information you can just download to your computer!  SO QUICK and easy, I can't stand it...and it'd only $1

To get your EBook / Workshop now, just click HERE!

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