December 7, 2010

Lipo - smart?

I am curious about all things plastic surgery / dermatological.  I always have been.  I live under the rule that if there is something about yourself that you don't like, something that causes you to be self conscious to the point of it inhibiting your every day activities...and if you have the means to fix it...then FIX IT!

I've never been shy about sharing my dermatological experiences.  So in keeping with my "nothing is secret" philosophy, I want to ask you think Lipo is smart?

When the 'new' Botox was introduced (Dysport) I had to know more.  Well, I have the same feelings about this new Lipo procedure. It is so interesting to me how we (women) weigh the pros and cons with procedures like this.  10 years ago the cost was high, and the risks were huge with any kind of procedure like this.  That isn't the case in today's least, I think so!

I 'm headed to meet Dr. Peers.  He is going to answer ALL of my questions about a new Lipo procedure called 'Smart Water Lipo'.  Primarily, I am interested because I've heard that this new procedure:
  • has significantly less downtime (like maybe 1 day!)
  • is less expensive than traditional lipo
  • has much fewer risks than the old-fashioned lipo
 I'd like to hear from you - what do you think?  Would you have this done?  Have you had this done?  What was your experience?  If you could ask Dr. Peers any question about this procedure, what would it be?

...I know you are asking yourselves 'does Kathy want to have this done?'  Heck, I don't know!  Do you? I am an information gatherer.  I love to have the inside-scoop on things like this...for now, that is my motivation!

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American Pravda said...

-When the new procedure was introduced first?
-What is the difference between the regular procedure and the water technology?
-What is the post effects,if any, and how long is recovery after the procedure?
-Is it outpatient or the overnight stay is involved?
-How long it will take to see the results of new procedure?
-What is the average weight loss after one procedure?
-How much is the procedure cost?