June 26, 2011

in a moment of weakness...

Apparently I agreed to go camping next weekend...4th of July weekend.

Before your uncontrollable laughter completely takes over your day, you should know that I:

- Have lived in Russia, not the glamorous Moscow, but the harsh Siberia, Russia (kinda like camping)

- Have gone on mission trips and had to sleep in the floor of an old church where I could hear the rodents scampering about in the middle of the night. 

- Have gone on a mission trip where I didn't eat anything but lunch-size bags of chips for 3 days and only showered once in that time (in all fairness, I was miserable)

- Have an uncanny ability to deal and adapt to just about anything

So although you might THINK you know me - all high heels and skirts...I can be tough!


Having said that...you should also know that:

- I do not like bugs. I REALLY do not like bugs.

- I will wear makeup on my face every day. Period. It will happen, it has happened for over 20 years, it will not stop this weekend just because I am "camping" (for all of you rolling your eyes, I SEE YOU! Makeup protects your skin! It has sunscreen in it!)

- I do not eat meat, so the idea of the hotdogs on sticks around the campfire doesn't really sound fun to me

- The reason I haven't had a desire to go with my husband on mission trips to India is because of the restroom situation. I like bathrooms...clean ones with TP are preferred
So yes, I am going camping. This week I am going to dedicate this blog to the camping preparations, what I am going to do, how I think I will like it...and of course I want to talk about all of your great advice.

The "week of camping prep" will conclude with my weekly segment on the WFRN Morning Show (Doug and Vincy in the mornings) on Friday...following that segment, I will be getting in our little SUV to go camping!

Right now, I need to know what are your tips for camping?  I mean, I think I will need appropirate shoes, non pajammey-kind-of pjs, a smart organizational system for toiletries (I understand that there is some kind of communal shower house? I envision high school locker rooms...ugh!), what else?


Jade said...

Good luck and have fun! For camp showers, take cheap flip flops or sandals to wear in the shower itself. Dressing area/shower floors are wet, also sandy if near beach. Wear shorts to shower room; long pants are hard to get into if there is water standing in dressing area! Toiletry bag should be big and vinyl, with handles to hang!

Chelle said...

:) i enjoy short camping trips and, like you, dislike bugs. but camping is a great way to unplug, tune out the noise (save those obnoxious crickets) and be anti-schedules, anti-lists, anti-anything that has to do with time management. My top 10 best advice:
1. pack water - clean water on hand. can't say enough.
2. pack toilet paper - most campsite facilities will have it, but there is no guarantee that said facilities will always be stocked.
3. shave before you go - shaving while camping seems awkward and inconvenient to me.
4. pack flip flops - i never ... NEVER go into public showers barefoot.
5. trash - sure, you can burn some things, but not everything. have a few grocery sacks on hand.
6. flashlights - extremely helpful for that midnight pee run. a lantern is even better.
7. travel size - whoever invented this was brilliant. who wants to lug full-size anything back and forth (especially if your campsite is the farthest one!)
8. pack earbuds - when lovely nature sings at night, it gets quite loud. my ipod has saved many a restless nights.

Ok, so i could only think of 8, but i'm sure you'll have your bases covered. Happy camping!

Kim K said...

Take your watch off when you get there! Who really needs a schedule when you're camping? The previous posters are right about flip flops, they are your best friend in the shower. By the way, the showers aren't really communal (but I assume that you know that) they are seperate stalls with curtains, some campgrounds even individual rooms with doors. (if you're really lucky!)

You can get through a camping trip with no meat, I assure you. We had veggie kebobs on our little camping trip this weekend. Just precut your favorite veggies, season them if you want to, put them in ziploc bags and throw them in the cooler! If you have a pie iron, you can make all sorts of good things in them too.

Reading all of the interesting places that you've had the opportunity of visiting makes me think that you'll do just fine! Enjoy it, it's so much fun!