June 29, 2011

The Compliment Challenge

Last week on WFRN, I challenged listeners.  The challenge was simple: give a friend a compliment each day.

I issued this challenge because in my line of work, I see and hear women criticizing their appearance over and over again. Admittedly, I do it too. I have often joked that if I were able to pop my eyeballs out so that my clients could see themselves as I see them I would be a very rich woman! 

The truth is we, as women, we NEED those compliments...and I don't think we're getting enough of them.

OK, ya ya ya - beauty is on the inside - bla bla bla.  True. BUT, don't we all want to be told we look nice?  If a random person at the grocery store tells you that they like your ____________ (fill in the blank), doesn't it brighten your day?

I believe that REAL beauty shines from the inside to the outside.  Integrity, honesty, a pure heart, kindness, giving spirit - all of that shows on the outside.  We can see it in the sparkle in someone's eyes, in a smile, in a kind face. That is why I really don't like that "beauty is on the inside" line. 

I believe that God cares what we look like on the inside AND the outside.

Can you imagine what our church, neighborhood, or place of employment would feel like if we, as the women (and dare I say...the backbone!) of our community, started complimenting each other every day?  WOW! 

So join me, won't you?  By putting your name in the comment section, you are agreeing to be a part of THE COMPLIMENT CHALLENGE!  Each day for the next month, compliment someone.  A simple "hey, cute shoes" or, "loved your presentation in that meeting"...why not try "I can tell you are a proud Mom!"

I am all in!  I am even going to be bragging blogging about some of my friends...that I think are beautifully amazing, and you all need to know about them!

PHOTO CREDIT: from OKfreedate.com


LOL with Clayton said...

I am in!!!

Katherine Rufener said...

Count me in Kath! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, we, Flourish Boutique, are in! We will spread the word as well as compliment individual customers via Facebook for the next week or so!

Laurie Balla said...

I am totally in! I love to notice beautiful things about people and tell them about it.

Anonymous said...

I liked the idea when I first heard about it, but to be honest, I thought I didn't have time. Then...I got a compliment. Now I know that not only do I have time, but this small act of kindness creates the desire to pass it forward. Kathy, you did it again.
Thank you for the Compliment Challenge.