July 11, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 12

Meet my beautiful friend, Wendy

What can I say about Wendy...a true beautiful woman - who just learned to love mascara and to hate hair scrunchies (kind-of an inside joke).

I met Wendy through a guy I used to date a thousand years ago.  Who knew the guy wouldn't last, but the friend would!  Love that!  Wendy has a heart of gold.  Every time we had a fundraiser for the adoption - she was there.  Through 6 years of adoption nightmare, Wendy understood and helped me through it.  She also has a beautiful daughter from another country.

Here is the thing about Wendy - she honestly has NO idea how adorable she is.  She has the most adorable figure...and she really doesn't know.  She is a natural beauty whose smile lights up a room.  And now that she is wearing mascara...we can see her beautiful eyes!

Wendy takes time for friends and family. She remembers things like birthdays and anniversaries.  Very blessed to have her on my side!

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