July 15, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 16

Meet my beautiful friend, Vincy

Ya know, it is pretty cool when you can say that someone who is famous is a friend.  I mean...a real life friend.  Vincy is one of those people.  We have a lot of 'in common' pals, and they had been telling me that I HAD to meet her, that I'd love her.  And I do!

Vincy is the morning DJ on WFRN.  She is so talented on the airwaves, and as a singer. She is on the air with Doug - who I am convinced is my twin brother from another mother and a different generation.  I have the pleasure to be on the air with these two every Friday morning, on the Doug and Vincy Show.

Now let's talk about Vincy...she is a beautiful red head - I just love her coloring.  She can wear all those colors that I have tried to wear (and shouldn't ever EVER again!).  You can see her love for Jesus when you look in her eyes. That kind of beauty is a little uncommon, and the kind of beauty we all want. She has a magnetism about her that makes you want to be around her. And I love her style.  I would call it Rock-n-Roll Boho.  She is one of those gals who can ROCK jeans.  Seriously.  Kinda jealous of that, if I'm being honest...

1 comment:

Vincy said...

Okay Kathy...no more looking good this morning! You totally made me cry GOOD tears! Thank YOU for being WONDERFUL! This blessed me SO very much!
I think I need to pinch myself for the fashion compliment...I mean LOOK at WHO'S talking??!! Whether it's "what you do" or not, it is your passion that inspires. Your love for Jesus makes you shine brighter than ANY super model I have ever seen!
I am SO blessed to call you friend! And, my dear...you ROCK jeans too ;) Love you!!