July 16, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 17

Meet my beautiful friend, Rebecca

Rebecca is a makeup artist, and her job is to teach women how to bring out their natural beauty.  Isn't that cool? She owns a makeup store called Camellia. I love Rebecca.  I met her years ago when I was having serious face / skin / makeup problems. She was so kind, and really took time with me to make sure I understood and got the kinds of things I was looking for.  Since then, I have been forever in her debt.

Rebecca is on my "dream makeover team".  I have a team of professionals I bring along side me when I have super fun amazing projects that require makeup and hair artists.  She is one of those people.  And let me tell you, I am VERY picky about who I bring onto this team.  Call me a snob...that's fine. But I only like to hang around with the best-of-the-best...that is Rebecca.

Rebecca's beauty is obvious, isn't it?  I mean, common - LOOK AT HER!  Hello!  Don't we ALL wish we looked like her?  I have heard people in her store say "just give me everything that you use".  I really can't come up with words to describer her beauty other than to say that when she walks in a room...everyone stops to look at her.  She is THAT beautiful.

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