July 8, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 9

Meet my beautiful friend, Cinnamon

Yes, that is her real name!  Unless you are my daughter, then you call her Cimmmmmmonnnn.  Cinnamon is my brother's girlfriend.  They've been together, hummmmm, a long LONG time (let's just leave it at that). Of course she is beautiful.  Of course she is smart.  Of course she has a HUGE heart, and is quite possibly one of the kindest people you will meet.  She is one of those girls that is so easy to like, within 10 minutes of knowing her, you swear you've known her for years.

What makes her so beautiful to me is how she loves my brother, and my daughter.  Both are kids (lol!)!

The reason I decided to introduce you all to Cinnamon is because her beauty, inside and out, is being obscured today with medication, tubes, IVs and machines. She is in the fight for her life right now.  The disease that is getting the best of her seems to be a mystery to the doctors...making it very hard to treat her.

Please, pray for my beautiful friend, Cinnamon.  She needs a beauty of a miracle.
My brother with Cinnamon.

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