September 3, 2011

The deal with black toenail polish

Every September, I break out the black toenail polish.  This is quite a departure for me...generally I am a light pink polish or maybe a 'French' polish kind of girl.  Very rarely do I venture out into the depths of brightly colored hands or feet.

Unless it is September.

For the past few years, this has become important.  It is (in part) to keep a memory alive. But more than that it is to celebrate the life of a young girl named Brit.

2 years ago one of my dear friends lost his daughter, Brit, to cancer. I wrote about it here.  It was (and is) horrible. The emptiness of her loss can never be replaced; but maybe we can celebrate what she meant to so many with something as silly as black toenail polish.

When I met Brit, the one thing I remember was her fingernail, dark unmistakable BLACK.  It was her thing, her signature.  I get that.  I understand having your "thing"...and to Brit, the black fingernail polish was her thing.  In every picture I've ever seen of her, I also see the black fingernail polish.  I love it. 

At Brit's funeral I noticed almost every woman there (and some guys) had black fingernails or toenails.  I was no exception. I had purchased some new black fingernail polish that I intended to take to her in the hospital.  That visit never happened.

Now every September I break out the black toenail polish and get to painting.  This year, I purchased a new bottle that is called "Never Enough Shoes" (OPI for Sephora).  I am in love! The perfect mix of Brit's black polish, and my (over-exuberant) love for shoes.  Absolutely Perfect!

So tonight, in celebration of Brit, Anya and I got to painting our toes.  A perfect black with sparkles!

I would like to challenge all of your fashionistas out there to consider painting your toenails black this September.  And when you do think about Brit, and say a little prayer for her family.


eab1313 said...

Aww...I remember you posting about a friend's daughter passing, but didn't know the story. She looked like such a FUN girl. Very cool of you and Anya to do this! Kudos :)

kbc3724 said...

I think that is a great idea that I plan to embrace. I will go out tomorrow to find my perfect black polish for my toes!

Maria M. Llamas said...

iT IS A IMPACT THE LOVE AND RESPECT THAT YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE THAT EVEN WHEN THEY PASS ON YOU HAVE BEEN CHANGED IN A HUGE WAY! A close friend has passed away 5 years agoshe was and is an amazing artist Now my 9 year old daughter enjoys art and I am more then willing to help her move forward in that dream! Thankyou for shareing about Brit. An amazing life never dies, because her spirit is still with us!

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

What a great way to honor a young woman like her. I might just do it. Might just. Thanks for sharing the story Kathy.

The SafZarri Sisters said...

You're a true friend.. black toe nail polish it is!

I love fashion so much I just started a blog.. please support me and my sister's first blogging adventure...

LIli said...

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