October 2, 2011

panty hose in Texas - Questions and Answers


okay, it's Sunday morning in Texas, not cold but cooler Low 80's, do I still wear bare legs with my dress or do I go for a sheer hose, colored, fishnet? This is for church not a party so I want to be somewhat conservative but not frumpy.

Anonymous in Texas

This question made me laugh...not at you, but with you!  I can completely feel your pain with the panty hose thing.  My personal preference is to never wear panty hose, only tights...and then only when the outside temperature dips below 50. I say go bare-legged!  Unless, of course, your legs aren't worthy of being bare...in which case a super sheet nude hose would do the trick, or even try the spray on hose that you can get at a drugstrore.

Hope this helps!

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