November 3, 2011

Not JUST things

Admittedly I have a lot of ‘things’. I’ll also admit that I need (NEED) my ‘things’. To me…they aren’t just ‘things’.

I have a lot of ‘things’ that have meaning for me. ‘Things’ I cannot live without. ‘Things’ that bring back memories, mark a significant time in my life, or ‘things’ that tell a story.

Take these shoes, for example. I love theses shoes more than I love most (MOST) people.   I know it's wrong - don't judge me.  These shoes signify a turning point for me, an awakening, a realization.  

The memories I have in these shoes can’t be replaced by another shoe. I always feel beautiful and confident when I wear them. I always get compliments on them (from men and women). They weren’t an afterthought; they are the a specific shoe I had been searching out for a long time.

And there is this jacket. It is so simple, but so perfect. A little vintage, a lot classy. I paid $5 for it at Goodwill. No one has a jacket like this, and that is one of the reasons I love it. I have other white trench-ish coats, but none as perfect as this one. It matches everything. It is simple all on its own, but can be sassed up with great brooches. 

I’ve been hunting for some funky vintage buttons to replace the boring original ones it has now. This coat will be with me for many many years to come.

This has so much meaning for me. A very talented friend (jewelry designer) made it for me.  I was wearing it the first time I met my daughter.  She was 2 years old.   I would hold her close to my chest and she would chew on the cross pendant of this necklace.

For many years, there were several imprints of her little teeth in the that she is 9, most of the imprints have been worn off; but I still remember seeing that little precious face look up at me with my necklace in her mouth.

Finally…my slippers. I will not, can not travel without them. They simply make me happy. After a long day, the very first thing I do when I come home is put on my slippers.

They are old, smelly, stained and should be replaced. I can’t…I simply cannot replace them – not yet. They are like an old friend…a very good, old friend. 

So sometimes things are more than "things"...they are memories, they mean something.  Yes it's true - they are just things, but they are MY things. 

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