July 2, 2012

30-day shoe challgenge, day 1

We all have things we simply have too much of.  Well, things that in other people's opinions we have too many of. For me - that would be shoes.  I really didn't realize how many shoes I had until I moved.  Before I moved I got rid of a ton of shoes...donated to Goodwill and sold to Clothes Mentor.

All of my best efforts still left me with a TON of big moving boxes full of shoes.

Thing is...I really only wear a handful of the shoes. Really, I find that I wear the same shoes over and over again. I have decided to challenge myself to wear a different pair of shoes each day for a month.  That will only get through many 1/3 of my shoe collection, but will show me which shoes I actually wear and which I can part with.

I love my Lemon denim skinnies.  And I love finding things to pair with them that are a little unexpected.  Here I wore these super cute gingham-esque peep toe heels. They are rather old (maybe 5-6 years) and are from Unlisted. The style name is Get Listed (I think). Aren't they super cute?

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