July 3, 2012

Model Hair

Trends and Tips for Fabulous Hair This Summer

(from the June edition of Sassy Magazine)

The night before meeting with Gail Getz – owner of Salon Rouge – I thought I should prepare my hair for our meeting. I pulled a “Gisele Bundchen” where I put my damp hair in a bun and went to sleep. Gisele claims this is how she gets soft waves and more body to her hair, and I was hoping to achieve similar results. However, I woke up disappointed to see flat, straight, dull hair. At this point, I no longer wished for a great hair day. I just hoped I could salvage my hair to look respectable for Gail who has been in the hair business for over 30 years. It was ironic that I was interviewing her on hair trends, tips and advice when clearly I needed some myself.

The next day, I watched as Gail walked in looking beautiful, stylish and sassy. After exchanging some effortless pleasantries with one another, I was ready to ask some hard-hitting questions – questions sure to impress even the most serious of journalists and hair aficionados. After all, SASSY ladies, like myself, don’t play games when it comes to getting the 411 on the latest trends and styles. And I knew that this was my opportunity to channel my inner investigative reporter and lay bare the secrets to getting fantastic, on-trend summer locks this season.

Q: What are the hairstyle trends leading into summer?

Gail on hairstyle trends: Romantic, natural looking hair is a big trend right now. Long hair with soft waves is also popular. We are moving away from slick and sleek long hair to long hair with movement and dimension. Blow drying hair with a round brush will give more volume in a natural way. Crunchy hair like we all had in the 80s is out; keeping the hair softer, more conditioned and healthier is trending. There are ways to change the style of long hair to get a dramatic new look and that is by adding bangs and/or adding layers to frame around a woman’s face.
Braiding is also very big right now. Loose, soft, messy braids are in. They are fun, fresh and feminine. There are many variations and styles to model, from ponytail braids, fishtail, waterfall and crowning braids, etc.
Gail on color trends: The Ombre hair coloring technique continues to be trending and is currently matching with the natural, soft look of hairstyles and fashion. This is a popular way of adding color to your hair without the high maintenance coloring typically requires. Ombre hair is an intentional graduation of color where the lightest color is placed on your ends and the darkest is at your roots. This way, as the hair grows, you don’t have to worry about touching up the roots.
Another way to color your hair that is popular right now is with Hair Flairs Color Rubs. This is a non-permanent, inexpensive, fun alternative to coloring hair. It looks and feels similar to a highly pigmented eye shadow and can be used on any hair color and texture. Color Rubs are good for adding color to the tips of your hair or adding pieces of color throughout your hair. Lighter hair shows the color more vividly than darker hair. There are lots of fun colors to choose from. Some of the most popular colors have been ultra violet, which is a pink-purple color, and I have seen green used in red hair and it looks amazing. It is also a great way to show support for a cause, sports team or organization. Just make sure when applying the Color Rub to wear gloves and wear an old shirt in case of stains. The Color Rubs are $20 and should come out after you wash your hair.

Q: How are hairstyle trends determined? By celebrities?

Gail: Hairstyles follow fashion. Fashion guides the hair industry and then celebrities showcase those styles. Ultimately, celebrities are governed by fashion. After all, hair is part of a woman’s fashion statement. Right now, fabrics are lightweight, romantic in style and have lots of movement. This is why we are seeing braided hair making a debut and hair that is soft, romantic and natural.

Q: What is a classic mistake most women make with their hair?

Gail: Women tend to be afraid to add warmth to their hair. Most women think going lighter is the answer, but there is a limit on how light a woman can go. Overdone highlighting can wash out a woman’s face. Ash ends up being the color of the hair if they avoid adding warmth, which pulls color out of their face. Adding color should ultimately help accentuate a woman’s natural features – not take away.
Another mistake is not taking care of the hair. Shampoo and conditioner do matter. A lot of women have treated or colored hair and then use a shampoo that strips the color or makes the color fade. You don’t want to invest money in hair color and then use a shampoo high in detergent and sulfates that fade the color.

Q: What is the most commonly asked question you and your stylists receive?

Gail: Women sit down in our styling chair and say, “What would you do with my hair?” This question is tricky for stylists. While we want to give advice, we also need to be mindful of what you do in your everyday life. For instance, we need to know who you are, what type of profession you hold, your lifestyle, what you are wearing – down to the purse you are carrying and shoes you are wearing. The most important thing you can do for your hair and yourself is to establish an open relationship with your stylist and explain your lifestyle. It is important we know what wants and needs you are looking for in a hairstyle. This will help ensure your appointment is a success and your hair fits your lifestyle, rather than trying to fit the lifestyle of your hair that has just been created.

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