January 3, 2013

Outerwear trends

from the December edition of BOOM Magazine

This winter, style will transcend bright pencil skirts and boots to your outerwear.  Trends in scarves and coats include everything from swing car coats, to shawls and very structured Jackets. This is the first winter in recent memory that I can remember a real such emphasis on outerwear.  Here is what to look for:
A military feel is seen in most of the coats this season.  We see trench coats with strong hardware and militaristic details, and of course the military feel comes into play with the style of the Pea Coat.

The one coat that stands out as THE trend this season is the trench.  The trench coat is one that is classic in style, and will be in your closet for years to come.  It is an investment, and a wise one.

If you are one that is out and about a lot during your day, consider adding a Pea Coat to your outwear wardrobe.  A very classic style but this season, done with new details.  Look for a Pea Coat in a bright color or one with unusual buttons. 

Peplum is a detail that is very popular this season; seen in skirts, tops and yes, in outwear.  The Peplum coat is a great look to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans, or as a detail that will mix perfectly with your holiday best.

A simple vest isn’t so simple anymore!  I love the idea of throwing on something cozy, like a vest, to get me from the car to the grocery store.  The vest is such a smart way to not overheat when running errands.  My challenge has been finding a vest that is cute, fashionable, that didn’t make me feel like the Michelin Man. This season, that challenge has been answered in the fur (or fuzzy) vest; such a great on-trend addition, yet functional.  The fur vest will add instant style to any outfit…so when you look in the mirror and think “I need something else to finish this look”…look for the fur vest!  You will be glad you did. 

If you aren’t adding some leather and fur to your closet this season, you are missing the trend boat! Fur on boots, as collars on jackets, as a detail on a scarf – fur is everywhere! The definition of fur this season doesn’t necessarily mean an animal skin, but rather refers to anything furry or fuzzy. 
Leather (or pleather – faux leather) in details and in statement pieces for outerwear this season will be very important. For example, a peplum cut jacket in leather will show you are leading the way in trends! My advice: don’t invest in the leather pieces, instead look for pleather. Your budget will be glad you did.

Scarves became the ‘it’ accessory several years ago.  This season the scarf to have is called the foulard. This style refers to a small print in several (generally bright) colors. Loosely wrap this seasons scarves around your neck in a “thrown on” way.

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