October 30, 2013

Fall Fashion Must Haves

from the September 2013 edition of Sassy Magazine

I am drying for all the new trends this season. So much so that I have become a bit overwhelmed! Honestly, I found that my shopping list was longer than my budget. Something had to be done.
I needed to consult with some colleagues.

I spent some time talking-shop with a Hollywood stylist in LA a few weeks ago. Our girl’s lunch consisted of a lot of hummus and fashion magazines! Here is the list of this season’s top 5 MUST have’s we’ve come up with!

STATEMENT JACKET A great outdoor coat will go over last season’s jeans, and the leggings and turtleneck you’ve been wearing for years. Get creative with your choice this year.  Consider a vintage find.  Try belting it with a wide leather belt. 

SOMETHING LEATHER For me, I will be going for a leather skirt, leather tank-style top and leather trimmed leggings. Oh wait – I said one thing leather didn’t I? OI!  Look at your lifestyle and see what fits in best and will be the most wearable for you. The best thing about this season’s leather pieces are that they aren’t REALLY leather…they are pleather (and most are washable!). 

CUTE SASSY SWEATSHIRT This will be something you can DIY very easily.  The trendy style these days is a sweatshirt with a lace insert on the back, sheer sleeves or interesting detail on the seams. Check out ideas how to DIY from Pinterest. This trend is available at every price point, and is something sassy business execs and moms on the go definitely need in their fall wardrobe. 

BOOTIE The shoe boot is back with a vengeance this season!  This season feel free to wear that shoe-boot (or bootie) with EVERYTHING!  Skirts, pants, jeans, leggings - and dare I say shorts?  Opt for one with an open toe, and wear it with tights. Yes…I said open toe and tights! 

GREEN and BLUE - when Pantone named Emerald the color of the year, they weren't kidding!  Hues of greens and blue-greens are everywhere. The great thing about these tones is they look great on just about everyone! If you are a traditionalist (and by that I mean someone who only wears black), then accessorize in the season’s hot hues.

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Deb said...

As always, Kathy, great job and wonderful, useable advice. Thanks!!!