December 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas

      Did you miss the segment this morning on WNDU?  Maybe you saw it and are wondering where to buy some of the ideas I shared for holiday gift giving.  Well...drum roll is the list of where to buy! 

      JBar luxury soaps. $6.95 each – All handmade soaps are created in small batches using the cold process method. Ingredients are all 100% food grade vegetable oils, organic butters and sustainable ingredients. The cold process method keeps the glycerin in the final product, and each of the bars of soap have residual oils and butters remaining making the soapy lather creamy and moisturizing, not drying of your natural oils..  In a word, AMAZING!  I am obsessed.  Find out more store locations online at

      Wine Book - everyone always brings wine ton dinner parties.  Don’t be like everyone else!  Love the idea of the Wine Guide.  Not only is this an interesting read, even if you don’t love wine.  It is a great conversation starter at parties. $12.95 Barnes and Noble

  Everything is custom these days, why not a phone cover?  I love this idea for teenagers or even for employees who have corporate phones. You can choose from templates or design your own.  Upload your company logo or your picture.  There are several websites that offer this product.  These designs I got from Vista Print.  The pricing ranges from about $15 - $30.  Lead time is about a week – so order now in time for the holidays.

      Family Holiday Cook Book.  I got this idea from one of my Facebook friends, and I think it is a GREAT idea. As I get older, I miss all those holiday dinners with my grandmother.  No one can figure out how she made potato salad or what she did to beets to make them good.  Fill a photo album with family recipes.  All of those little things that are holiday meal traditions in your family.  I love this for someone in their 20’s just starting out, maybe newly weds.  Honestly I would love something like this from my Mom as a family keepsake.  

          For the person that seems to focus all their attention on their pet…buy a gift for the pet!  All things from PetSmart or PetCo

      Everyone has a sports fanatic in the family.  That guy who believes the holidays are all about watching the game on TV?  These books are a great gift for someone like that: 100 Things A ColtsFan Should Know $15 each from Barnes and Noble


      I like to give whole family gifts rather than to get one little thing to every member of the family.  This is a family game theme gift.  Board game, card games, something kids can play in the car. This is a great gift if you are staying with someone over the holidays as a house guest.   Games range from $7-8 up to about $30,

Love the idea of a custom brick.  Perfect for someone starting a new chapter in their life, new homeowner.  These bricks can be customized to say anything you want: address, a saying, name, date. FromMichiana Brick and Building Supply – around $100


      Costume jewelry can be fine jewelry pieces that make a bold statement. These are from JR Fox. 

    Complete Personal Shopping Experience: Keaton Row.  This is a new website where you can create a profile, choose to work with a personal stylist and ask them to create looks for you in your own personal Look Book.  The things that are in these outfits are available for purchase.  The items are from stores stylists shop at like Top Shop, Nordstrom and more. I am a partner stylist on this website, and it is really a great thing. Get a gift card from Keaton Row!

   Of-The-Month clubs.  Seems trite, but I love the idea of a gift that keeps on giving!  There are ‘of the month’ clubs for just about everything from beer to shoes and handbags. The best thing is that you can choose the level of gift you want to give: 3-months, 6-months or a year.  Most run in the range of $40-$50 a month.  Some to look into: Shoe Dazzle - you can get shoes, accessories or jewelry

      Or maybe a beer of the month club.  Great micro brews direct to your doorstep!

·        There are so many trendy sports programs out there now things to make you healthy.  This is a “best of the best” of all the newest, latest and greatest.  this is a great gift for anyone who is looking to turn over a new leaf in 2014.  Someone who has said they are committed to getting healthy.  Help them along the way with some great essentials!
      ADVOCARE - everything from Spark (a coffee replacement, and great energy boost), to CarbEase (something to help you break down the absorption of carbs), to the 24-Day Challenge that will detox your body and prepare it for serious weight-loss and exercise!  The best part of this company, is that you are hooked up with a health coach that will guide you and answer all of your questions.

     One of the greatest workouts out there now is the Insanity system.  Part of that 'Beachbody" package is the the T-25 workout.  I will tell you those workouts WORK!  This program will also hook you up with a coach to help you and encourage you.  My personal coach with this system is Shelley Bullock - and let me tell you, she is AMAZING at encouraging me, and getting me to exercise on days I really don't want to. Shelley can also hook you up with Shakeology - a great meal replacement. 

IT Works - I know, you think this is crazy...a wrap that allows you to loose inches in 30-minutes.  Well, I will tell you it is all the rage, and you might not loose a ton of inches, or weight in 30-minutes...but you will see increased muscle tone.  Once a week while you are on your fitness kick...or right before vacation. You'll love it!

     And what workout would be complete without some great workout gear?  Lululemon is THE workout gear to get. 


Of course, you can go wrong with diamonds!  When all else fail, the perfect gift are diamond studs. 1 ct studs are something any woman would love to get!  Go to JR Fox, and they will help you.  give them what your budget is, and let them do the rest (even gift wrap!).

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