February 18, 2014


[from the January edition of SASSY magazine]

Seems like this time every year, we work really hard at pushing through to spring.  Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe its from being exhausted from all the holiday cheer, or perhaps the truth is that the holiday cheer ended up in our midsection.  Fear not – we are ALL feeling the same way.   

Most winter wardrobes are havens for all things black and grey.  We bundle ourselves up from head to toe to stay warm…and all that bundling doesn’t do much for our silhouettes!  With the new year comes new trends and new colors. Although the weather isn’t quite spring-ish yet, bring some life into a drab winter wardrobe with some key spring pieces.  The best way to do that now is with jackets! 

Cropped Jackets
Shorter jackets will be a big trend this Spring.  When adding this silhouette into your wardrobe, be sure that you balance the boxy-feeling of this jacket with form fitting pieces underneath. Many cropped jackets have a very glam Chanel feel; wear this style in an unexpected way: jeans and a white t-shirt, and layer with gobs of jewelry. Instant chic!

Make sure the length of the jacket is flattering to your body shape.  Rule of thumb is the shorter the jacket, the more flattering to the hip area. Remember, where the jacket hits your torso that is where all the attention will be in your outfit.  In other words, make sure THAT is where you WANT people to be looking! 

Bomber Jackets
This style will be a big trend this Spring. Think “grown up baseball jacket”…or “flight jacket meets a bolt of silk fabric”.  A sophisticated fabric takes this sporty cut to a whole new level of cool.  Love this look with a slouchy trouser and a sky-high stiletto. Keep the layers you wear with the bomber monochromatic.  Let the bomber be THE statement of your look.   

My favorite take is a feminine flirty dress (think ruffles and lace) with a rugged leather bomber. 

Car Coats
Car coats.  You know, the very lady like over coat that hits at your knee.  The trend will be a swing coat with no collar.  If you are petite, this might not be the best look for you.  Car coats can be a bit overwhelming for a slight frame.  

The length of this style coat should be the same length of your skirts and dresses.  For most, the most flattering length will be mid-knee.  

A crisp White Blouse.  All the design houses are showing this key wardrobe staple as a fundamental layering piece to a ton of looks this spring.  To be honest, if you don’t have a good white blouse in your closet already, it’s about time to get one!

This spring, there will be a lot of fun styles introduced.  I am excited to see the take on these trends at local stores!  Some things to keep an eye out for include:

·        Fringe – not just a little fringe, but 10-12” flapper style fringe!
·        Hi-Low skirts…new take on the hi-low dresses and skirts that were so popular last year.  The new take on this trend is with the hi-low on the side (not front to back).
·        Micro pleats – tiny pleating in skirts, pants and blouses.
·        Shine - the shine all the top designers are talking about is lame`. Now…for those that are products of the 80’s, yes THAT fabric!  It will be interesting to see how it is translated into a more modern look!  

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