February 28, 2014

Dream Weddings...on a budget?

This morning I was on WNDU TV sharing information about the Little White Dress expo event in Mishawaka tomorrow.  This one of a kind event will feature fashion shows with wedding attire from Goodwill.  All of the vendors will offer tips on how to plan your dream wedding on a budget!

Here is a link to info on the event:  Little White Dress

Here are some other tips for saving your budget while planning your dream wedding:

 Before You Start
·        What parts of the wedding are important to you? Focus on those and find ways to save money on the rest.
·        Hire A wedding planner.  Professionals can save you money because of the relationships and business they already give to vendors.  They also have years of creativity planning weddings and can offer alternatives to save you money that you might never have thought of.
·        There are hundreds of great, professional and classy options to print at home.  This can save a ton of money.
·        Guest List = omit kids. If the number of co-workers you have seems to be significant, eliminate all work relationships.  Keep the numbers down for your wedding party as well: Fewer attendants means less money spent on bouquets, boutonnieres, presents, and transportation.
·        Your Dress: Plan on reselling your dress, look for a vintage beauty from a consignment shop or thrift store. Buy a dress from a thrift store and have it custom tailored into something perfect for you.
·        Your Shoes: Buy shoes that you'll wear again after the wedding -- something you likely won't do with white heels. Make your shoes the “something blue”, or coordinate your stilettos with the color theme of your wedding party.
·        Men can wear a nice suit and avoid renting a tux.
·        Use what is in season, and the same flower throughout the event.  Choose a flower that is large (you won’t have to buy as many)
·        Cutting out the middleman by calling on a grower will allow you to source flowers for.   Look for farms or related associations; for example if you want gerbera daisies, google search and call the American gerbera daisies Society and ask for a local grower. 
The Wedding Event
·        An officiant can add to your bottom line by hundreds of dollars. Have a friend become your officiant. Universal Life Church (ulchq.com) and Esoteric Interfaith Church (northern way.org) are two organizations that "ordain" laypeople so they can officiate weddings, which most of the 50 states will recognize. Be sure to check the laws in the state you will be getting married to be sure this meets with local criteria.
·        Schedule the wedding in off-peak times. You might be able to save 20-30% by scheduling your wedding in non-wedding-peak months.  Have to be on a Saturday?  For a destination wedding, every day feels like a Saturday!  Or consider a Sunday afternoon or Friday night.
·        Location, Location, Location!  Look at non-traditional settings; barns, a beautiful back yard, a park.
·        Time of the day of your wedding can save a ton of money.  Time your wedding around a meal time.  Then you can just serve refreshments as opposed to a full meal.
·        Theme: maybe a Tea party kind of feel. Simple, elegant and much less expensive
·        Alcohol can drive up the price of a reception like nothing else.  Only offer Signature cocktails rather than open bar.
·        Cake: one small beautiful cake and cut sheet cake for guests. Eliminate cake all together and serve donughts (tiered on a cake plate)
·        Look for a photography club and invite them to shoot the wedding
·        See if your photographer will offer a CD with the photos rather than a book or prints
·        Disposable cameras for guests might get the best pictures to capture memories

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