March 5, 2014

Spring Fashion Challenge

[as seen in the March 2014 edition of SASSY Magazine]

New trends. For many of us, we see new looks in magazines or at the mall and think they are cute, but we never try them.  Getting stuck in a style rut (or comfortable with an outdated style) is very common, and very easy to remedy.
Challenge yourself to try one new thing this season. Step out of your box; embrace a revved up YOU this spring!  

 Here are some ways to challenge your style:
The ‘it’ color this season is Violet Tulip, a beautiful soft purple.  A common style-rut (especially coming off such a frigid winter) is the monochromatic (i.e. all black) wardrobe. One sure way to lift your spirits, change old habits and get instant style points is to infuse this spring tone into your winter basics. 

Sprinkle something violet into your look with a vibrant necklace. Maybe invest now in a violet blouse or summer sweater and layer those pieces with your winter basics. Want to be daring?  Violet tights and a leather skirt! 
Maybe you don’t look your best in this hue of purple?  Try something with more punch, like Dazzling Blue!  This very-wearable color is an attention getting.
There are several trends this season that will make a big statement in your wardrobe.  Like winter, statement jackets fall into this category.  There are 2 for you to try this season; one is the boxy jacket, and the other is the bomber.
The boxy jackets on the runways are in a variety of colors and fabrics.  With this style, keep proportion in mind.  This jacket has a “swing”  unstructured nature to it, pair it with a pant or skirt that is slim and not free-flowing. 
An easy look to try: skinny jeans, shoe boots, tunic length t-shirt or blouse with your new statement boxy jacket. 
The other style is the bomber.  Not the bomber of days gone by; think chic colorful bombers.  This sporty look can take you from the boardroom to cocktails in an instant.  Juxtaposition is key when making this style look sophisticated.  The nature of this cut of jacket is casual.  Pair with pieces that are tailored or have a professional feel. 
An Easy Look to try: Your favorite stilettos, those trouser pants from a suit, a basic cami and a hip satin bomber. 
Before you invest in this season’s statement jackets, think of at least 3 different ways you can wear this piece.  Being stuck into wearing a statement piece one way is not a wise investment for your wardrobe. 

Simple considerations would be: Can I wear with jeans? Can I wear with a skirt? One new unique way to wear this piece?

Adding accessories is the one thing that will take a very basic look to one that is va-va-voom! Using accessories in the right way is the difference between wearing an outfit and having style. So many of us busy women don’t stop and think about being accessorized. 
This spring, I would like to challenge you to wear at least 9 things every day that you can consider an accessory. These could be:
  •  Necklace – try wearing more than one!
  • Rings – do you wear a right hand ring?
  • Bracelets – try layering some bangles with charm styles
  • Eye glasses
  • Bold pattern in your outfit
  • Unexpected shoe – maybe your leopard kitten heels are your new neutral shoe you wear with everything?
Spring is a time to renew. A time to be done with the old and welcome change. Take just a little time this spring to focus on you!

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