November 6, 2014

3 Winter trends to start wearing NOW

(from the November edition of Sassy Magazine)

Whether you are adding some pieces into your fall wardrobe or just need a little fashion boost to your current style, these 3 noteworthy trends are wearable at any age, any budget for any lifestyle.

Lumberjack Plaid
What it is:  This is a strong big plaid, think black and red flannel shirts.  This plaid is being seen as a detail on jackets, in skirts, socks, leggings, skirts…basically everywhere.
Beware:  Because this is such a big bold print, be careful if you have soft coloring (light brown, blonde hair, hazel, blue or light brown eyes).  The contrast in this plaid can be overwhelming on you.  Likewise, if you are petite, this print might be a bit too much on you.
How to wear it:  This trend has a distinct masculine feel.  Be sure to pair this strong print with something softer and feminine. It also has a youthful casual vibe. To wear this plaid in a sophisticated way, fabric choices will be very important. Leave the flannel at home. Opt for silk or wool for the office.

Skater Skirts
What it is:  A circle skirt that hits above the knee.  We are also seeing longer versions of this trend. This look is voluminous.
Beware:  If your body shape includes having some ‘junk in your trunk’, you might want to pass on this trend.  This skirt adds volume to the hip-booty area.
How to wear it:  Because this style is full, the shirt you pair with it should be fitted. The short nature of this skirt lends itself to a leg-baring look. For the office, a dark opaque tight with a like-colored oxford or boot would be perfect. 

Royal Blue
What it is:  This blue is a bold, bright blue.  If you have been to the mall recently, you have probably noticed the abundance of this color in the stores.  
Beware:  Everyone can wear this color well.  How much of it, and what you compliment with it is key.  Head to toe Royal Blue is too much.  Pairing with blue jeans is too much. The best combination is with a neutral (like camel, grey or black) or with a pop color (using the blue as the neutral).  Some color combinations to try are:  Royal Blue and Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue and Sangria or Royal Blue and Aurora Red.
How to wear it:  Look for a signature piece in this great hue this season.  Maybe a winter jacket or something in leather. Be sure to seek out a good blue shoe.  Because this is such a hot color this season we will be seeing a lot of shoes done in blue (which isn’t typical).  Try a bootie! Seek out prints that have hints of this color.  This will make it simple to begin to use Royal Blue as your new neutral.

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