July 22, 2007

I feel I must comment...

So - my husband and I went to the county fair last night. He convinced me that was what I wanted to do by dangling thoughts of fried food, Elephant Ears, Lemon Shake-Ups and Cotton Candy in front of me.

After a filling meal and a stomach ache later...we walked around (convincing ourselves that it was exercise after the fattening meal we had just had) - and I couldn't help noticing all of the interesting ensembles fair patrons were sporting.

Ya know how before you leave the house, you generally give yourself a 'once over' in front of the mirror - to make sure everything is in place? Well, it is amazing that some of the people I saw at the fair had probably done the same thing. YIKES! Fashion and style is a decision. What you wear makes a statement about you...and some of the statements I saw were very scary!

I wish I would have had my camera phone with me. Glamour magazine would have had a field day with the "fashion dont's". Clothing that was at lease 2 sizes too small, lots of skin on very young girls, guys with pants so baggy that they had to walk wide-legged to keep them on.


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