July 5, 2007

what is the real difference between cheap and expensive clothes?

There are so many choices in the marketplace – not only where to shop, but how much to pay for something. A good question I was recently asked is “what is the real difference between a $300 suit and a $3,000 suit”? There are 3 reasons for differences in price:

1. Fabric. Fabric quality is the main component in garments, and is what drives price. Less expensive items will be made of a lower quality fabric. This will mean that the drape (how if looks on), strength (ability to weather stains and wear), and memory (ability to retain shape after multiple wears) will be compromised.

2. Manufacturing. Less expensive clothing is mass marketed, and mass produced. Because of this, quality controls can be compromised. Hand detail is what makes those boutique items so irresistible – and things we can’t find at a discount store.

3. Design. In less expensive brands, the fit will not be as precise as a more expensive piece. It is more expensive to produce pieces that are available in a size 0 to an 18. Most discount brands do not offer this range of size, but they still want to sell to this range…so they skew the sizing to match the market.

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