August 8, 2008

Fall color for a Summer gal

I got a question via email today from a great customer (hi Liz!) who is a 'Summer'. If you read my articles, have attended one of my lectures, or have read this blog for a long know that I don't 100% subscribe to the whole 'color' thing.

Yes, Some people look better in certain colors...but I believe that anyone can wear any color they want - as long as they keep the color closest to their face one that compliments their skin tone.

Likewise, I think coloring changes with the season. For me, it depends on how blonde I happen to be, how tan I am...bla bla bla...

So - back to Liz's question. She is wondering about wearing typical Fall colors, given that she is a summer gal. The quick answer is of course she can wear those colors (keeping in mind what I said above). I think it is more important to know if you are a warm toned person - or a cool toned person. MUCH easier than trying to figure out if you are a winter, fall, spring, or summer.

The good news is that Fall colors aren't JUST rust, orange, brown, evergreen, maroon. This Fall, color is KEY in trends.

One hot color for Fall is Magenta. I am seeing it everywhere!

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