August 20, 2008


I am asked some really nutty questions from this blog. Most of them I don't publish, because they have nothing to do with fashion, and aren't something that would be helpful to all of you.

But - recently, I seem to be getting a lot of q's about me...guess that is what happens when you put yourself (or your blog) out there for the world to see.

So, I thought I would try to answer some of the questions here.

Q. Are you Married?

A. Yes

Q. Why do you live in the midwest?

A. Because that is where my house is, and where my husband lives.

Q. What size do you wear?

A. Seriously?

Q. Do you have kids?

A. 2 step daughters, and we're adopting a little girl from Russia - she is now 6. You can get all the gory details on that 4-year journey if you go to my PERSONAL blog.

Q. Do you get clothes for free?

A. Nothing is ever for 'free'

Q. How did you get started doing what you do?

A. I've worked for apparel companies in the past - loved helping people, but did not like retail. It took me years to figure out a way to do what I loved (what I KNEW I was cut to do) - and call it a 'job' or career. Really, it took having a supportive husband who told me to make a go of it - and see what, here I am.

Q. What did you do before this?

A. I've always worked with women to better themselved. I've also done a lot of public speaking over the years on 'dressing for success'. But - before I figured out a way to make a living at being a wardrobe coach/personal shopper - my career was in marketing and advertising, specializing in female driven products and/or services.

Q. Have you ever dressed anyone famous?

A. Depends on what you think 'famous' is.
Q. Is your last name really Friend?
A. No - it's my stafe name (duh, of course Friend is my real last name)

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Alyssa said...

I am going to Blissdom 09 and was referred to you by @momadvice on Twitter to get your help on my outfits. I created a Video blog about my outfits. can you help??

K. Lyn Wurth said...

This spring I've decided to delve into the world of linen...with my iron handy, of course. Linen jackets, linen tops and pants and skirts. But...I have it in my head that it would be less than stylish or an offense to texture to pair cotton knit tops with the woven linen. Is there a general "guideline" about what to wear with the more textured wovens like linen? I wear cotton knit tops with jeans and never think twice about it. But this seems different...Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I will be traveling to Washington D.C. the middle of June and would like your input on comfortable clothing and shoes for miles of sightseeing. I am 50 years old, 5'6" tall and thin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Alli Kiz said...

I have a body type question - you have addressed quite a few "big on top" questions, but I have the opposite concern...I am bigger on the bottom than the top. What styles look the best, proportion wise? Also, what style tops look the best to balance out a smaller upper body? I do not like empire styles, because I also think they make me look pregnant...thanks!

Jenna said...

I'm over 40 now, and I'm starting to get concerned about dressing too young. I have a cool vintage print dress (hits just above the knee) that I want to wear with plain black leggings. Can I still get away with this?

tuespr said...

Dear Kathy,
Would you have any idea on the brand/collection for the following clothes:

Megan said...

Dear Kathy -

This is a body type question. I struggle to figure out what body type I am with all the various features I deal with. I was always under the impression I am somewhat an inverted triangle, but now I am not entirely sure. I am: somewhat short, broad shouldered (fitted jackets never fit), large bust, no defined waist, high hip bones, smallish hips, chunky thighs, small (but not flat) butt. I am a bit under 5'4" and VERY short waisted (I have about an inch between my last rib and the top of my hip bone). I am medium-large boned for my height, with very wide/straight ribs, and long limbs (inseam for jeans with flats is ~31").

My measurements are: shoulders -44", upper chest/below arm pits- 38", bust- 41", bra size I usually wear a 30H or 32G (UK sizes). Underbust/ribs - 30.5", high waist 31", @bellybutton 34", high hip (which is about half an inch below belly button)- 35", low hip 39.5", thigh - 25", calf, 13". My wide ribs make me have almost no curve from the front. How do I balance all this? And what body type AM I? help! thank you!