September 2, 2008

Why not to buy replica (fake) handbags?

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Of course, we all wish we could afford to purchase those $500 - $1000 handbags...the ones we see in magazines. There was one I was oooing and ahhhing over last year that was in the $1200 range.

We all want to portray an image of success, I totally understand that. We have all been to flea markets, or been invited to a party that is selling 'knock off' hand bags. And yes - I have purchased a few too! I will tell you this - the ones I have purchased, I found I never carried because the zipper broke, the leather was so stiff that it didn't conform to my shoulder, or it just fell apart after carrying it for one day. And yes, I am carrying a replica now - however, I did not purchase this. It was found at Goodwill - they knew it was a replica, and gave it to me.

This past weekend, several vendors were arrested at a local festival; they were arrested for selling fakes. Watches, handbags, even jeans (can you imagine?). The story is HERE. IN the news story, one of the detectives was quoted saying, "The public needs to understand that when you buy these kind of (knock-off) purses, you’re contributing to organized crime," the detective explained. "It’s a bad choice you’re making."

Wow, I have never thought of it like that before.

I know of one house purse party a few years ago that was raided by the FBI. The homeowner was not arrested, but she was detained. The girl selling the purses was arrested. Can you imagine? You go to a friend's house for some wine and girl-time, and THIS happens?! WOW!

I will be working on a news story that will air in the next few weeks on this topic. I will share some thoughts on how to spot a fake. I will also be saving my money for a real LV Speedy!!

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